This website is currently undergoing maintenance. You may still access one free live stream.

iPhone/iOS users: Please check out our new Live Ghost Box Plus on the App Store.

Android users: Please check out our new Live Ghost Box Stream 2 app that is streaming Steve’s Ghost Box #18.

Live Ghostbox by Steve Hultay

Worldwide Experiment

Press the PLAY button below to Listen to Steve's Ghost Box #132, FM Band, REVERSE SPEECH


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iPhone/iOS users will only be able to listen to the stream at the following speeds: Normal 1.0, Slower 0.75, and Slowest 0.5.

When Asking Questions...

If you want to silence the the Live Ghost Box stream when asking questions, please MUTE the player by pressing the speaker icon (do not use the PAUSE button). Mobile users may need to use the built-in volume/mute control on the device.

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